ElibU – Supplying Swedish schools with digital books: information in English

Elib, the major Scandinavian distributor of digital books, is launching a new service called ElibU, directed towards schools. The goal is to make it easy for schools to use e-books and digital audio books both in and out of the classroom by streaming them directly over the web, and also add a number of social features to encourage children to read and discuss books.

In recent years, Swedish schools have come to employ computers to a large extent, with students of all ages using laptops or tablets in class and a large amount of material being available on the schools’ own portals. However, until now it has been difficult for schools to get access to e-books; different schools (and often even different students in the same class) use different platforms, and schools are on a fixed budget, which has made buying e-books one by one very impractical.

ElibU is a subscription service where students get access to literature in the form of e-books and audiobooks directly in their browser, using streaming technology developed in-house by Elib. The service works on all common digital platforms including computers, tablets and smart phones. It is intended to be used throughout the school system, from kindergarten to secondary school, and features popular fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Initially, subscribers will have access to at least 2,500 e-books and audiobooks from Swedish publishers, and more titles will be added as the service develops.

But ElibU is more than just a collection of books – just as important are the functions that encourage social reading and literacy development. Students and teachers will be able to work together with the books, sharing impressions and opinions, and teachers can easily put together reading lists for the whole class or for individual students.

The service has been developed in co-operation with service providers who already supply digital platforms to Swedish schools, making it easy to integrate into the schools’ existing infrastructure.

”We at Elib are proud and excited to be able to work together with publishers and service providers to offer this unique service,” says Johan Greiff, Managing Director of Elib. ”With ElibU, we are opening a door on the school of the future, where having access to books and reading in any format can be taken for granted by everyone.”

For more info, please contact MD Johan Greiff at johan.greiff@elib.se or telephone +46858639008.


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